The hotel “Pullman Riga Old Town” will host a lecture “The Da Vinci Code: the most mysterious paintings in the history of art”

On June 3, in the hotel “Pullman Riga Old Town”, in collaboration with “Art Salon Vienna”, a lecture on the most mysterious paintings in the history of art will be held.

During the evening, the lecturer will tell what Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel are hiding, why Mikhail Vrubel so often painted demons, which of the Russian portraits was notorious during time of Pushkin, and what Jan van Eyck encrypted in the interiors of his paintings.

From whom Leonardo da Vinci copied Jesus and Judas in his “Last Supper”, why we should not scare children with matches, is Malevich’s Black Square really so ingenious, and how to understand the surrealistic works of Salvador Dali.

Is it possible to hide biblical characters in the image of a Parisian café, what symbolic significance the number 3 has in painting, and can we talk about the existence of aliens in Tuscany?

Lecturer of the evening: Daria Sabitova, Viennese art scientist, Master of Art History, creator of Art Salon Vienna.

The lecture will be held in the Russian language.