The hotel “Pullman Riga Old Town” will host a lecture on René Magritte – the master of painted riddles

On August 4, at 19:00, in the Pullman Riga Old Town hotel, in collaboration with “Art Room”, a lecture dedicated to Rene Magritte, one of the most striking and mysterious representatives of the 20th century surrealism, will take place. He was a researcher, thinker and philosopher of images. The motto of the artist was the contradictory expression – “everything is not as it appears”; at the same time, in his works Magritte beautifully combined ordinary objects surrounding a person in everyday life with images familiar from myths, works of literature and painting. At first glance, works do not have a logical connection, and they seemingly violate the usual order of things, but Magritte invites the viewers to fantasize, dream and surprise themselves, creating their own garden of illusions.

The world of Rene Magritte resembles philosophical formulas, the essence of which is set by objects interacting with each other – unexpectedly combined, but incompatible in ordinary life. The artist’s creativity does not give a single correct answer to these riddles, but each viewer finds their own.

During the lecture, the attendees will learn about how surrealism was born, what is the metaphysical school and automatic painting and how the surrealists used it.

Lecturer of the evening: Natalia Bataraga (Moscow) – art historian, creator of the project All About Art, fashion historian, stylist.