The hotel “Pullman Riga Old Town” will host a lecture dedicated to the most audacious painting fakes

On July 24, at 19:00, in collaboration with “ART ROOM”, the lecture “The Art of Deception: the most audacious painting fakes” will be held.

During the lecture, the attendees will learn about different methods of falsifying works of art, how are fakes different from copies, what are the sales schemes of fake artworks, why are pictures “roasted” in a furnace and how can you age an object of art so that it looks 500 years older?

The guests of the evening will learn the names of the greatest falsifiers of the past and the present. They will also learn why nowadays in the art market falsifiers most often turn to the artists of the Russian avant-garde, and whether the genealogy of the paintings matters. What are the art markets of antique, Italian Renaissance and Flemish Baroque artworks? Lecturer of the evening – Daria Sabitova, Viennese art historian, Master of Art History and the creator of the club “Art Salon Vienna”.