Pullman Riga Old Town has become the best architectural project of Latvia

The competition for the best architectural project has come to a close, and Pullman Riga Old Town has been announced as a winner. The hotel is a part of the international brand AccorHotels and Resorts. Recently, the hotel has also been recognized as the best hotel project of 2017 in the Baltic States, and, collecting high awards in the field of development, has now also received the main architectural award of the year in Latvia.

Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel is located at the heart of the Old Town, occupying a building built in 1789 and complemented by a modern attachment. From the outside, the visitors can see an eclectic façade in the style of classicism, whereas the indoor facilities, containing the Equus restaurant and bar, Tea Deli, a cigar lounge, men’s barbershop, a SPA salon and fitness center with a pool, six multifunctional and fully equipped conference rooms, amaze with their modern design.

The developer and the contractor of the project was the multi-profile company Wisher Enterprise, the architects of the hotel are Roberts Valdmanis and Mārtiņš Hermansons.

“For us, it’s a big day because the work we have spent 2,5 years on, has brought us the highest award,” said the architects of the project Roberts Valdmanis and Mārtiņš Hermansons. “It was a lot of work for the entire team – architects, engineers and designers, as well as for the contractor who knew clearly what he wanted and took a very active part in the development of the project. For us, this project has become both the most difficult and the most memorable in our lives.”

“It’s very nice to receive such awards,” commented Alexey Abasov (Abasov Oleksii). “Especially when the project is not among the easiest. At the time of designing, there was nothing but a burned-down façade that looked as if it is going to collapse at any moment – in the place where the hotel is built now, there was nothing but burned ruins. Initially, the main purpose of the project was to preserve the entire historical essence of this building and the addition of modern architectural solutions to it. On the outside, the building looks like a small boutique hotel, but as you get inside, you realise that you have entered a huge space and the largest 5-star hotel in Latvia, with a lot of modern designer attributes and preserved history. It is something you really will not find anywhere else in the world. I think that all of us have achieved what we conceived and this project is rightfully the best in not only the field of architecture, but many others” summed up Alexey Abasov.

“This project is rightfully the best in the field of architecture, and not only that,” notes the CEO of Wisher Enterprise, Alexey Abasov (Abasov Oleksii)
“This project is rightfully the best in the field of architecture, and not only that,” notes Alexey Abasov (Abasov Oleksii)