Hotel Pullman Riga Old Town to host an art party lecture

On November 4th, an art party will be held at the Pullman hotel in Riga in collaboration with the “Art Room Lectures” and “Vīns un Ota” (“Wine and Paintbrush”).
In the first part of the evening, in a lecture by Moscow art critic Natalya Bataraga, the history of contemporary art from the early avant-garde to the end of the 19th century and all through the abstract expressionism of the middle of the 20th century to the contemporary art, will be explained.
The second part of the evening will be led by artists of “Vīns un Ota”, who have prepared a master class on painting. The participation in the event does not require special skills, just your desire to learn new things and create.
Art party is a format of events currently popular in Europe and America, and now they have been brought here as well.
Cost of participation – 45.00 EUR
Phone number for a reservation: 29250730