An exhibition of the Latvian artist Elīna Titāne – “Unity And Diversity” has been opened in the “Pullman Riga Old Town” hotel

Latvian Centre for Contemporary Ceramics in cooperation with Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel, offer a solo exhibition of the Latvian artist Elīna Titāne within the framework of the Artist Playground by Pullman programme. The exhibition is open for visitors starting October 26.

‘For me clay contains wonder – an unlimited scope of opportunities of expression. The direct interaction of hands and the elastic material are the greatest magic of this process. At the same time sensing that those are not my fingers or thoughts, this is a deeper reality which expresses itself through the material.
It is fascinating to watch artists who receive clay lumps of identical shape and size. They start working; hours, then days go by, the work takes shape and grows in so many different directions. Reflecting each individual’s character traits and what they are seeking. What is, at its core, a single entity, is expressed in diversity.
When I work, a sense of playfulness is important to me. Process is always more important than the result, and a single piece may change in various images multiple times during its creation without minding the amount of time that goes into shaping the specific object.
The development of creative path is a gradual path of searching, capturing, widening the limitations of the material and oneself, taking the road of self-reflection and revelation. Creation has a way of expanding one’s internal limits.
For me creating is important as a vehicle of finding myself – starting slowly as intuitive inklings that gradually grow into awareness. I believe that the growth of consciousness is the most valuable gain in creative process although it is also the most elusive externally. Because the external shapes gain the meaning only as the reflection of the inner life.
Images created by me do not include a reference to the specific; they indicate the general, giving the viewer an option of a free interpretation of perception that would resonate with the awareness of that specific individual’.

Elīna Titāne was born in Rīga in 1978. She studied at the Rīga Secondary School for Design and Fine Arts (1998-2002). In 2008, Titāne gained a master’s degree from the Ceramics Department of the Art Academy of Latvia, having been admitted into the Latvian Artists’ Union in 2007. Titāne exhibits her work in group shows both in Latvia and abroad since 2003. So far, she has held more than 10 solo exhibitions and participated in a number of ceramic art symposia and residencies in Latvia, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Belarus, Poland, Tunisia, Egypt, Finland, Russia, China, North Cyprus, Moldova and Croatia.

The works of the Latvian artist Elīna Titāne