A lecture “The Art of Colour: Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin” will take place in the hotel “Pullman Riga Old Town”

During the evening the attendees will hear about Van Gogh’s life in Paris and Arles, about the love in his life, the friendship with Paul Gauguin and the treatment in Saint-Remy-de-Provence.

By looking at the examples from the artist’s most iconic works, the attendees will be able to trace his path from realism to modernism, learn about the main motifs in his work, the artist’s love for the yellow colour, sunflowers and stars. Also, the lecture will also touch upon why he wanted to become a priest, worked as an art dealer and how he found himself to be among miners. What lies behind the story of cutting off his own ear, the artist’s diagnoses and the reasons for his suicide.

Paul Gauguin was the most prominent representative of postmodernism, during the lecture the guests will have the opportunity to find out why he called himself a “Peruvian savage” and “Sunday artist”. How did a trip to Brittany changed his life, why did he search for a lost paradise in Tahiti, and what is synthetism?

Lecturer of the evening: Daria Sabitova, Viennese art scientist, Master of Art History, creator of Art Salon Vienna.

The lecture will be held in the Russian language.