A lecture on the art of listening to each other has been held by psychologist Lena Feygin at the Pullman hotel in Riga

On August 26, the famous psychologist Lena Feygin gave a lecture at the Pullman Riga Old Town hotel.

The subject of the lecture was the art of speaking, namely, the rules of how to learn to listen, understand and correctly formulate thoughts. The author of the lecture talked about how the communication process works, and why people often do not listen to each other, thereby provoking the occurrence of misunderstandings and conflicts.

The art of expressing one’s thoughts correctly and understanding what others really want to convey to us is the key to enjoying communication and relationships. It is impossible to hide behind words, but it is possible to learn to listen and understand the person in front of you.

During the lecture, the guests participated in a workshop – they applied the rules for formulating and expressing their thoughts in both colloquial speech and writing.

Lecturer of the evening: Lena Feygin – psychologist, psychometrist with twenty years of practice. She is currently working on her doctoral dissertation at Sigmund Freud University in Vienna.