A lecture “Art in Exile: Marc Chagall and Leon Bakst” will take place in the hotel “Pullman Riga Old Town” in collaboration with “Art Salon Vienna”

On April 29, a lecture devoted to the work of two prominent artists of the 20th century, Mark Shagal and his mentor Lev Bakst, will take place in the Pullman Hotel in Riga.

The guests of the lecture will learn how Leon Bakst managed to create a revolution in the world of art, what impact he had on the fashion of the early 20th century, why people in the paintings of Marc Chagall fly, and the paints sing, and how the famous rivalry of Marc Chagall and Kazimir Malevich came to be.

Marc Chagall – the most famous student of Leon Bakst. An artist with an amazing fate and a vivid imagination, he was born in a fire, lived for 97 years and met his death in an elevator. In his lifetime, he had two great loves – his first wife Bella and the city of Vitebsk. The works of Chagall are a fairy tale world, formed from the traditions of Judaism and Russian folklore.

Leon (Lev) Bakst was an outstanding artist exiled from St. Petersburg for being Jewish, the legendary designer of the scenery and costumes of Dyagilevs Russian Seasons. Bakst intoxicated Paris and conquered the heart of America. The favourite of Marcel Proust, Ida Rubinstein and Paul Poiret.

Lecturer of the evening: Daria Sabitova, Viennese art scientist, Master of Art History, creator of Art Salon Vienna.

The lecture will be held in the Russian language.