“Pullman Riga Old Town”: how the best architectural project in Latvia of 2017 was created

The hotel consists of three parts: its historic facade was built in 1789, and two modern parts are connected with the historic facade with glass atriums.

The hotel building is located in the heart of the old town of Riga and is the only one of its kind. Modern outlines complement the interior of the hotel of the 18th century, thus providing guests with a large number of rooms.

This hotel has been recognized as the best hotel project in the Baltic states in 2017 and has collected all the highest awards in the field of development, and now has received also the main architectural award of the year in Latvia.
“Initially, the main goal of the development was to preserve the entire historical essence of this building and add to it modern architectural solutions,” says Alexey Abasov (Olexii Abasov), CEO of Wisher Enterprise. “From the outside, the building looks like a small boutique hotel, but when getting inside, you understand that you are in a huge space and the largest 5-star hotel in Latvia, which has a lot of modern design attributes and a preserved history. You will not meet such hotel anywhere in the world. I think we all got it, and this project is rightfully the best in the architectural plan and not only.”

“Pullman Riga Old Town” today has 155 numbers, lunch restaurant, bar, 8 conference rooms, the hall for fitness and the SPA center.


Architects Roberts Valdmanis and Mārtiņš Hermansons discussing the design concept of Pullman Riga Old Town


Pullman Riga Old Town after the transformation
The modern design and history of Pullman Riga Old Town
The modern design attributes of Pullman Riga Old Town